O, were dress-up in the olympics, ...Basically I like to dress up as fairy tales, everyday, and they just don't sell that in stores.

In this blog:
⚈ Wearing of art films, see any version of Dune ⚈ Turning-people-into-impressions-of-other-things costumes, particularly flowers and moths, animals ..and sometimes tree spirits..forest spirits.. ⚈ Mascarade ⚈ Antique military uniforms ⚈ Lace-up clothing and shoes with buttons ⚈ Embroidery, eyelets, and coarse-weave textiles ⚈ Comfortable and practical 15th century clothes for the peasant on the go ⚈ Clothes made out of your grandparents wtf rec room couch ⚈ Caveman chic ⚈ characters out of stagedramas written by hippies ⚈ Braids that I can never hope to reproduce ⚈ Steampunk ⚈ Mori ⚈ Anachronistic, always